Our Services

At Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte, FL, Joseph Lawson DMD & Associates complete most all dental procedures under one roof. This saves you from multiple visits to specialists offices. Please see some of the procedures listed below and feel free to call for a consultation.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace a missing tooth. Unlike a bridge that relies on grinding down adjacent teeth, a dental implant does not disturb existing teeth or work elsewhere in your mouth. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone replicating the root of a tooth. Once a dental implant is healed into the bone,
a process called osseo-integration which can take weeks to months, a crown is placed onto the dental implant. Placing and restoring dental implants are predictable and routine procedures performed at Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte.
When a tooth has extensive decay, fractures, or failed restorations that cannot be repaired with a filling, a crown is necessary to save the tooth. Crowns are needed when a tooth is in need of support, misshaped, discolored, or to cover an implant. Crowns appear very natural and are all ceramic or zirconia giving them superior strength and durability. Ceramic crowns are virtually undetectable when smiling, as their is no metallic visible at the gumline. When requested by the patient, high-noble precious metals are still excellent materials for the fabrication of crowns. At Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte we use the highest quality lab to create a crown that looks, feels, and functions great.
Bridges replace lost or missing teeth and function like natural teeth.  Bridges are typically an option when there is are one or two teeth missing, but still surrounded by healthy teeth on both adjacent sides.  Custom crowns are fabricated to fill the gap, and are fused together to crowns on the neighboring teeth.  Bridges can be an excellent solution to missing teeth when an implant is not an option. The dental bridge is designed to match your surrounding teeth in a very natural way.
Tooth Colored Fillings
Most people have either seen or experienced the old style of metal or amalgam fillings. Some amalgam fillings contained mercury and although effective, they are very conspicuous and tend to darken over time. Towards the end of their lifespan, amalgam fillings fracture and break. The best alternative to metal fillings are bonded resin restorations or composite resin dental fillings. Composite resin fillings are fabricated from a dental resin and look like natural teeth.

Composite bonded fillings are durable and strong and they have the added benefit of looking perfectly natural. The dentists at Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte, use the highest quality tooth colored fillings.

Root Canals
Root Canals are a routine procedure to remove the nerve and living tissue from inside a tooth. Sometimes a toothache cannot resolve on its own. In this case, we perform a root canal procedure to remove the nerve and inflammation from inside of a tooth. Modern root canal procedures are relatively easy and performed when the tooth is completely numbed. At Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte, we will perform the root canal procedure to get your tooth feeling better again!
Dental Hygiene
A very import part of your dental care is regular dental cleanings. At Peachland Dental in Port Charlotte, we provide the latest in dental hygiene to keep your gums happy and fight against gum disease or periodontal disease. When gums are not healthy, the mouth is not healthy, and a progression can begin leading to periodontal disease or gum disease. For that reason Dr. Lawson and Dr. Pepper recommend cleanings at least every six months. In cases of periodontal disease, deep scaling and root planing may be necessary with periodontal maintenance visits every three months.
At Peachland Dental, we take care of all of our patients dental needs, including dental extractions. Sometimes a tooth must be extracted when it cannot be saved.
This procedure can be completed very comfortably in our Port Charlotte office by Dr. Lawson and Dr. Pepper. The area will be very thoroughly numbed to remove any of the pains associated with extraction. In some cases, a tooth may be extracted and a dental implant may be placed at the same visit. This immediately gives you a tooth replacement and also saves you a second trip for surgery.
Bone Grafting
Dr. Lawson and Dr. Pepper believe that saving bone is essential for long term oral health. If an extraction is necessary, bone grafting at the time of the extraction procedure is essential. This procedure is also sometimes called socket preservation. By preserving the tooth socket and filling a defective area with bone graft, the alveolar ridge on the jaw bone can be preserved. Preserving bone improves periodontal health, supports adjacent teeth, and also leaves the option open for a dental implant.
Dentures are a tried and true method for restoring esthetics and some function following complete tooth loss. At Peachland Dental, we work with an exceptional lab to ensure the most naturally appearance and feel for dentures. Additionally, in combination with dental implants, we can enhance the retention of a denture to help you smile with confidence!